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 Capturing Countys Strategy.

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Capturing Countys Strategy. Empty
PostSubject: Capturing Countys Strategy.   Capturing Countys Strategy. Icon_minitimeSun May 30, 2010 12:00 pm

okay im not sure about this and i dont think any of our alliance members have tried this, but im pretty sure this is the best way to conquer a county.

You start off by capturing as many lizzards as possible until you have maybe around 1 million.

Everytime you capture a group of lizzards use your resources gained to create catapults.

I think 25k catapult is more than enough to do the trick here.

So you have 1 mil lizzards along with 25k catapult.

Send them to a county along with 1 reaper, 1 widow, 1 hussar, 1 militia, 1 battering ram, and 1 fire beast or 1 axe thrower.

The catapult should wipe all the boss units out no problem, and the lizzard will wipe all the regular units no problem.

Im not sure how the wall defenses react yet but im positive the catapult will be able to take them all out when they get in range, which should be next round after defeating the countys
army, thats why it must be catapult and lizzard! they have the most range for their class.

I know there are two members in our alliance who have conquered countys, but they did it sacraficing their whole armies, and using 1000 gems to bring them back, does this seem like it would work better david02 and i think sunoh? was the other to conquere one?

I may have left some stuff out, im not sure, please leave some comments on what you think, thanks
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Capturing Countys Strategy.
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