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 Strategy for players about to hit 2 mill rep

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Strategy for players about to hit 2 mill rep Empty
PostSubject: Strategy for players about to hit 2 mill rep   Strategy for players about to hit 2 mill rep Icon_minitimeSun May 30, 2010 11:49 am

After you hit 2 million rep, raids are pretty much a waste of time unless your really into just raising your rep, which i am not.

The next step is to start conquering.

The monst important thing to conquere is reapers.

To conquere reaper your gonna need about 5k ballista just to be safe.

You should go on to attack innumerable reapers with your 5k ballista and send 1 militia and 1 hussar to keep on the safe side.

Yoou will capture around 400 to 1000 reaper each time around.

Once you have around 5k reaper you can start using your 5k reaper to conquer 500k-600k lizzard or more(not really sure) and you will comeback with 1/4 of what you attack.

I prefer 10k reaper to attack groups of 1mil + lizzard.

when attacking 600k lizzard with 5k reapers be prepared to revive around 2-500 reapers with 20-50 gems

Lizzard play a very important part in capturing countys!

Read the capturing county strategy.
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Strategy for players about to hit 2 mill rep
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