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 Highlighting Monsters.

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Highlighting Monsters. Empty
PostSubject: Highlighting Monsters.   Highlighting Monsters. Icon_minitimeMon May 10, 2010 2:56 pm

Highlighting monsters is very useful i dont know if any of you are doing it yet or know about it but heres some info.

Highlighting Monsters feature alows you to highlight monsters of a certain number group on the map so you dont have to keep clicking different monster groups, here are the number groups and names.

Few 4-8
Several 9-15
Pack 17-30
Lots 31-60
Horde 61-130
Throng 131-250
Swarm 251-500
Zounds 501-1000
Legions 1001-2000
Innumerable 2000-4000
Overwhelming >4000

so when your looking for a paticular number this feature is very helpful.

You can find the highlight monther feature by going to Menu, then clicking help(the little questions mark), then tab preferences and select highlight monsters.

i use this method with my 3bowmen to 1prawn ration. i have innumerable prawn highlighted so thats 4000 max so it will take atleast 12,000 bowmen to take them out. ofcouse my ratio is lower now because i have stronger bowmen attack, because i upgraded my peircing damage at the blacksmith.
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Highlighting Monsters.
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